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V. Evans

these are so easy to use. they also take up a third of the space of my other detergents and have much less waste. I keep them in a glass jar by the washer. they clean just as well in both cold or warm water.

I love the scent..clean and fresh and doesn't linger on my clothing. Has a fresh clean feel to my clothes.
I'm pretty sensitive, that being said I can use scented products but may have a slight itch. With this product no itching, no rashes and my clothes are so clean!
I love that I can use a full sheet for extra dirty Garments. Makes my Towels so soft.

We love them now...I'm having a hard time using up my old soap. I don't want to stop using these.

I’m so happy that I don’t have any signs of past allergies since my human started using Smart Strips for doing my blankets and stuffies, and all the human laundry in the house.Thank You, ThankYou Smart Strips for this wonderful Eco-friendly laundry detergent.
Sir Kingsley 
Best in Show, Can/Am Champion 
& my humans

I am SO happy to say I finally found a zero waste laundry detergent that actually works! I've tried so many other brands that have left my clothes smelly and my machine dirty, but this one has by far exceeded my expectations. It's easy to use, dissolves fully, cleans super well, and is good for the planet :) plus its natural and doesn't irritate my skin which is a big bonus.

Great alternative to the pods. Very easy to use just rip the full sheet in half and toss it in the drum. Cleans clothes just as well as the expensive pods and we have a 1.5 year old who likes to play in the dirt. Doesn’t have an overpowering scent. Takes up less space than the big bulky plastic containers. Will definitely buy these going forward

These strips are awesome, no more messy liquid. You just tear a strip off. I hold it under the water in my washing machine to completely dissolve it ( you don’t need to ) This will work with all washing machine’s !!! Comes in a cardboard envelope for easy recycling!!!!

I’m very happy with this product. It cleans well, one half strip is enough for a regular load. The price is a little high but I feel as though I’m doing something good for the environment by not having a big plastic bottle to throw away. Also like that I have more room on my counter top!

Its a great detergent, my clothes are always clean and I can't smell it at all, we didnt get any skin problemes or ordor . Im satisfied with my purchases

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